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The Next-Gen
Wireless Charger

Finally, Qi Wireless Charger that doesn't suck. It also helps you automate annoying daily routine with Shortcuts or Tasker apps, at a fraction of the cost.
Automate daily
Plum has an NFC tag built-in. Want that lullaby you loved when you were a kid to start playing when going to bed? Create custom automation using Shortcuts (iOS) or Tasker (Android) apps, drop your phone onto Plum before bedtime and fall asleep like a baby.
This is the charger I always wanted. It seems like combining the most annoying activities into one can truly feel like magic.
Bohdan Kit
Brought Coffee to Engineers
Juice up your phone without having to plug it in. Reduce the wear of your phone's charging port. Put a couple Plums in places you spend the most time and forget about cables for good.
Sooner or later, wireless charging will knock those frustrating cables out of the game. We wanna make this happen sooner.
Sergey Shcherbakov
Everything Imaginable to Build Plum
Enjoy top-notch
If Braun and Dyson had a baby, we bet it would look like Plum. We are obsessed with each detail of how Plum feels and looks, so you can finally have that thing on your nightstand that everyone asks about.
Making something like no other can get you high. We are turning each component into an art project to delight you — our user.
Evgenija Medvedeva
Poor Design Gives Her Goose Bumps
How That
Thing Works
Plug, launch, automate. Those simple words will tell you all. But in case you want to know more, below are detailed instructions.
Launch Shortcuts or Tasker app on your phone and scan the NFC
Create automation for the routine that drives you nuts
Plug Plum into the power outlet using the USB cable in the box

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